Robson Ranch artist part of Art At Sky Harbor

Art at Sky Harbor

Art at Sky Harbor

Weather is a popular subject of small talk, but in Arizona it can be a major topic of discussion. Sunsets, monsoons, intense heat, dust storms, flash floods, snowstorms and forest fires may all be part of Arizona’s forecast as well as inspiration for artists featured in Phoenix Sky Harbor’s latest museum exhibition: Arizona Weather from Duststorms to Snowstorms.

“Duststorm,” a bubinga wood sculpture and “Storm Damage,” a maple and walnut wood sculpture by Robson Ranch artist Edward Jones are part of the exhibition.

This display features a diverse selection of Arizona weather-themed artworks by 29 artists from 18 cities around the state. Artists have taken different approaches using a variety of media to depict naturalistic or fanciful interpretations of Arizona elements. Over 100 artists submitted over 300 art pieces for consideration to exhibit, and 37 were selected.

Arizona weather from Duststorms to Snowstorms will be on display at Sky Harbor’s terminal 4, level 3 east and west ends in eight display cases through March 19, 2017.

Edward Jones is a 10-year resident of Robson Ranch and a member of Robson’s Woodworking Club.