Robson Ranch Arizona hires new director of Fitness and Wellness

Sherry Jackson, Contributor to RCI

Lois Moncel has been teaching classes such as step, Pilates and chair aerobics since she joined the Robson Ranch Arizona team four months ago. Now, she is stepping up as the new Director of Fitness and Wellness.

Lois has more than 25 years’ experience in fitness and wellness, and was Fitness Director at Red Mountain Country Club in Mesa for four years before coming to Robson Ranch.

“I’ve done everything from health club management, personal training, group fitness instruction and workshops on many related topics,” says Lois. “I’m bringing my experience and I can adapt classes easily to different levels of fitness and still try to make it a fun experience.”

She holds several certifications and lives in Maricopa with her family and two dogs. Lois has been an Arizona resident for ten years and originally hails from Illinois. She enjoys playing golf with her husband, who is a golf pro, and is a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

In her new role, Lois says she’s looking forward to offering programs and seminars that “relate to the homeowners needs” at Robson Ranch Arizona. She’s working to add additional classes to the existing class roster, including a men’s only fitness class and a golf fitness conditioning program.

She’ll still be teaching most of the classes and will find experts to fill-in when needed. For example, Lois is hoping to bring in a physical therapist to talk about knee care and injury prevention.

“The way I teach, I pay attention to different fitness levels and always offer alternative exercises if needed,” says Lois. “I also take into consideration age and what kind of classes are desired. I like to mix things up so it’s not repetitive and challenges the body differently.”

Lois is planning out seminars that cover topics such as fall prevention, taking care of your back, mind strengthening and nutrition classes such as portion control and balancing protein and carbs.

“I’m excited about my new role and making this program at Robson Ranch Arizona one-of-a-kind,” says Lois.

When available, new schedules will be at the desk in the sports club and in the Robson Ranch Views newspaper.