Robson Putters defeat PebbleCreek in the “Duel in the Desert”

Mary Pryor

On October 30, 2017 a team of 23 putters trekked from Robson Ranch all the way up to West Valley for the inaugural “Duel in the Desert” against the PebbleCreek mixed putting league. The event was an 18-hole match play challenge with each hole worth one point. Players were paired up against putters with similar handicaps for 18 holes o.ery challenging putts. The PebbleCreek league has almost 400 members, while the Robson Ranch Mixed Putting League (RRMXPL) is still in its first year. In spite of that we are proud to say that the Robson Ranch team took home the honors by a landslide! The RRMXPL team scored a total of 231.5 points while the PebbleCreek team scored 182.5 points.

In addition the Robson Ranch putters won 14 of their matches and halved another three of their matches. That left only six putters from PebbleCreek who won their matches, most by narrow margins. All Robson Ranch putters who won their matches: Jim Baxter, Ben Blissett, Margie Blissett, Patty Bruchez, John Burtis, Candy Burtis, Don Edge, Don Juillerat, Terry Kumbera, Seanna Madera, Larry Morrin, Mary Pryor, Susan Phillips and Craig Spittel, received $10 gift cards on their accounts at the Robson Ranch Pro Shop; putters who halved their matches: Betty Kumbera, Nick Pike and Mike Pryor, received $5 gift cards on their accounts. Other members of the RRMXPL team included Pro Jay Wilson, Teresa Baxter, Judy Gottsch, Virgil Gottsch, Mary Kindt and Steve Spencer. Thanks to all who participated for our winning Robson Ranch team!

Many thanks also go to PebbleCreek Pro Jason Whitehill, Bettyann Baumgartner and the rest of her team o.olunteers at PebbleCreek who put on a wonderful an.ery organized event. The putting was followed by an awards presentation and a lunch of pulled pork, turkey burgers or .egetarian option. The RRMXPL looks forward to defending its title next year, so plan to come out and join the fun! For more information on the RRMXPL or to be added to the email distribution list contact Nick Pike, RRMXPL president, at [email protected].