Recycling services coming to Robson Ranch

Joanne Heiman

Harvey Kraus, City Manager of Eloy and member of our community, was the speaker at the August 12, 2015 Robson Ranch AZ Ladies Social Club.

This fall we will be privileged to add recycling to our many advantages here at Robson Ranch. Harvey Kraus stated how the City of Eloy went out to bid for recycling. They used three bids including the City of Eloy, but the most cost effective company was to use the Florence, AZ model already in place. Harvey Kraus feels that recycling is an environmental responsibility and the company RAD meets this criteria.

Pick up will be once a week for both trash and recycling.

Two cans are provided: one for trash (you already have) and a blue lid trash can for recycling provided by the trash company (RAD), which will be delivered to all residents.

No change in the charge, still $20.67

The day of the week is not determined yet for the trash and recycling pickup.

In addition to the trash and recycling we are happy to announce that RAD will be adding a bulk pick up. Uncontained trash pick-up will now be available once per month at no additional charge. Each resident will need to call Public Works at 520-466-3082 to let RAD know you have bulk trash. You need to let them know 48 hours in advance of your assigned Wednesday. A map was sent in the mail showing the first or second Wednesday of the month designated for your neighborhood. Please go on the website to see the acceptable and not acceptable bulk trash you can put on the curb.

Visit for more information.