Putting Greens/Bunker Renovation Underway

Jay Wilson, Head Golf Pro

This year, as the golf course approaches 16 years of use after opening in 2005, the putting green surfaces have reached the end of their lifespan. To that end, we have set up the basic structure for this renovation; the timeline will include the combined efforts of redesigning the green/bunker complex, re-grassing the putting surface, reworking the drainage in the bunkers, and finishing the forward tee boxes. The course will remain open with the addition of temporary greens to each hole. I will provide more information as it becomes available.

* Locations for the temporary greens were picked within the fairway to allow for the shortest cut possible. The locations keep a minimum of 70 feet from the regular green to avoid the irrigation affecting play, as the new green surfaces will be watered several times per day. The temporary greens will be up to 35 feet in diameter.

* Due to the size and surface of the temporary greens, an automatic two putt will be in effect. The AGA confirmed with the club that because all the greens were temporary, no scores could be posted.

* The greens will be sprayed with herbicide beginning on April 11. During the month, this action will be repeated to ensure the existing turf is completely killed and will not affect the new turf. The greens will turn brown, but will still be usable and puttable until we move to the temporary greens.

* During the second week in May, the old green surface will be removed up to a depth of approximately three to four inches. Within this three to four inches there will be room for some slight changes to sloping of the surface. Mark, Randy, and myself will work with the greens committee to establish areas that would be good candidates for improvements.

* During the months of May, June, and July, the greens and bunker construction will take place. Once this is accomplished, the new turf (Mini Verde Ultra Dwarf) will be applied in sprig form. Sprigs are most commonly used as it creates a smoother overall surface with stronger roots.

* Sometime in July we expect that all the greens will be sprigged and in the “grow in” phase. The grow in process can take approximately 12 weeks (depending on the weather and the speed of growth). As the sprigs fill in, the grooming process will begin to get the putting surface to its intended height.

* Concurrently as one part of the crew is prepping the greens, the other part of the crew (both crews are from Oliphant Golf, one of the top golf course construction companies in the country) will begin the bunker renovation/drainage check and repair.

* Our golf course employees will be working on summer transition of the fairways and repair of the rough areas damaged by cart traffic.

* I will contact the local golf clubs to create as many opportunities for our residents to play outside of Robson Ranch as possible. Details on these opportunities will be communicated as soon as possible.

There are many details communicated in this message, and many more to come. We appreciate your patience in this exciting time as we repair and improve the golf course!

Please feel free to contact me or stop by the pro shop with any questions you may have.