Pour the alcohol and tie one on

Nancy Friedman

Yes, I missed a few steps in the title. Last month, a dozen Fine Arts Guild members took their Sharpie markers in hand to place designs on two silk scarves, then poured, dripped or sprayed the scarves with 91% isopropyl alcohol. After drying, the scarves were tied on to see what fashion statements could be made. This simple but fun project was first introduced last summer by JoAnn Bunyea with tote bags. Because it was such a hit, our snowbird members requested a repeat of the class be done during “the season.” Many members have found this a fun project to do with their grandchildren. Some of the participants are even considering purchasing more blank scarves and designing them for gifts.

The Fine Arts Guild has plans for Fun Afternoons of Art again this summer. If you are interested in occupying at least one of your Wednesday afternoons a month, contact one of our officers who should be around most of the summer: Jillian Moon, Nancy Friedman or Bob Smith. Projected summer Fun Afternoon Classes include: Mono Printing, Greeting Cards, Cartooning and Rock Painting.