Political Signs

Melani Caron, General Manager

As we look ahead to the November election season, I wanted to shed some light on the topic of political signs. Political signs naturally start popping up in the yards and windows of many homeowners who wish to support their candidate whether it’s on the local, state, or federal level. As a member of the Robson Ranch CG Homeowners Association, you will need to adhere to Arizona state law which says (in part):

ARS 33-1808:

“…an association shall not prohibit the indoor or outdoor display of a political sign by an association member on that member’s property, except that an association may prohibit the display of political signs earlier than seventy-one days before the day of an election and later than three days after an election day…”

…”For the purposes of this subsection, ‘political sign’ means a sign that attempts to influence the outcome of an election, including supporting or opposing the recall of a public officer or supporting or opposing the circulation of a petition for a ballot measure, question or proposition or the recall of a public officer…”

If you have any additional questions on this topic, please contact Melani Caron, General Manager at [email protected] or 520-426-3355.