Play Your Best Pool: When Improving Your Game Becomes Very Important to You

Johnny Henson, Professor Pool

Playing billiards is a beloved pastime for many people. When first starting out, players may spend countless hours simply enjoying the game, even if they’re self-taught. They revel in the feeling of improving their skills, such as when they achieve their first table run or finally beating an opponent who has eluded them for a while.

However, over time, many players become dissatisfied with their progress. They may feel like they’re not improving quickly enough, or they may want to take their game to the next level and become a top player in their league or even a tournament player. That’s when many players decide to enroll in billiard school. The reasons for enrolling in billiard school can vary. Some people just want to play a little better, while others are looking to become the best player on their league team. Regardless of the reason, most players will learn more about how to play correctly in just a day or two of class than they could in years of playing on their own.

When you view your billiard game as an investment of time, effort, and money, then it’s important to get a good return on that investment. While coming to a billiard school may require an initial financial investment, the real investment of time happens after you leave class and begin perfecting the skills you learned.

Enrolling in a billiard instructional class is just the first step on the journey to improving your game. It’s worth noting that less than 3% of all billiard players in the United States have ever had a lesson with a true professional instructor. Even for those who do receive instruction, they don’t work on the things the instructor told them to work on, which can hinder their progress. That’s why it’s important for players to develop an ongoing relationship with a qualified professional instructor. There are no quick fixes when it comes to improving your billiard game. It takes time, effort, and guidance from someone who knows the game inside and out.

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