Planning for a Fun 2021

Nicole McCracken, CAASP, Administrative Assistant

I am excited to be knee-deep in budget season, which means planning events for 2021! I am hopeful that we will be able to resume bus trips and concerts after the first of the year. Be on the lookout for save the date and ticket sales announcements as the time gets closer. I am sure all of our season ticket holders are anxious to learn the January through March concert line up. Please be patient with us as we navigate this “new normal.”

We have rescheduled Return to Woodstock, which sold out last spring. Other concerts range from Garth Live to Sixties Mania to Spinphony. We are planning on bringing in a brand new comedian to Robson Ranch as well, the Clipper Lowell Experience! We are hoping to bring all genres to the Ranch in 2021. Bus trips will also range from sporting events, to a car show, museum adventures, and maybe even a trip back in time to a medieval dinner! Our hope is to plan events that reach all interests of our homeowners.

I am also hoping to start a lecture series in 2021. This would give homeowners the chance to learn about various topics that may interest them. If you have a topic you feel like you are an expert in and would like to be added to our list of speakers, please let me know. The list of possible topics is endless.

I hope you can join us for fun in 2021!