Pinochle Triple Deck trickless hand

Cookie Smith

We had an unusual happening playing six handed, triple deck Pinochle on Friday May 2. It was a game that pitted the men against the women. The three women consisted of Cookie Smith, Julie Kostroski and Diane Kincaid. The three men shall remain nameless as they feel that they were taken advantage of. It started out to be a very good game as the men were ahead of the women by over 200 points in a 500 point game. They were finally able to smile again as they had lost the first game to the women in a very close match. Cookie, Julie and Diane played so well that they were able to take all of the tricks in the hand. That is nearly impossible play for triple deck pinochle. This created another loss for the men. The men thought a third game should be played so that they could regain some of their egos. It was just another defeat and a lesson learned. Women really reigned that night.