Pickleball tournament rocks Robson Ranch

Winners of Men’s Doubles 3.75. Bronze: Steve Arthur and Bill Schlaupitz, Gold: Bob Buck and Larry Kraus, Silver: Ron Graf and Dave Wong

Winners of Men’s Doubles 3.75. Bronze: Steve Arthur and Bill Schlaupitz, Gold: Bob Buck and Larry Kraus, Silver: Ron Graf and Dave Wong

Flo Van Volkom

The second annual Robson Ranch Resident Pickleball Tournament, held January 20-21, drew 97 enthusiastic club members playing across a range of ratings and brackets from 2.5 to 4.5 in Men’s, Women’s and Mix Doubles play.

The tournament kicked off with the singing of the U.S. and Canadian National Anthems by Robson Ranch singers Dave Anderson, Lyn Worner, Julie Casey and Trish Ambrose. Play went off smoothly thanks to the efforts of over 60 volunteers assisting with registration, setup, teardown, refereeing, first aid and refreshments. Many thanks go out to the tournament organizer, Chuck Bonesteel, for making this event a smashing success.

Following the tournament club members and spouses celebrated in the Hermosa Room with a great after party featuring the awarding of medals and a general session club meeting. The club continues to grow with 33 new members welcomed.

It’s still not too late to give pickleball a try this season. Beginner lessons are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to noon. Come on down!

For all you current picklers, don’t forget to sign up for the fourth annual Robson Ranch Tournament scheduled for March 16-19 for players rated 3.0 – 5.0 and age 50 or above. Register at www.pickleballtournaments.com.

Congratulations to all the winners below.

Women’s Doubles 2.0/2.5. Gold: Pam Carlson and Jody Muth; Silver: Jackie Elliott and Johanna Brewer; Bronze: Cindy Johnson and Pam Mumy

Women’s Doubles 3.0. Gold: Gini Cassidy and Jan Kinley; Silver: Pat Pennington and Susan Phillips; Bronze: Judy Gottsch and Brenda Kline

Women’s Doubles 3.5. Gold: Brenda Amans and Sue Sherwood; Silver: Barbara Sewell and Karen Woodcock; Bronze: Caroline Anderson and Tori Chester

Women’s Doubles 3.75. Gold: Jeannine McKinna and Sue Waibel; Silver: Donna Duran and Barbara Hager; Bronze: Jan Ballman and Connie Koser

Men’s Doubles 2.0/2.5. Gold: Larry Mansfield and Ron Hunt; Silver: Thomas Andrews and Keith Uhlenbrauck; Bronze: Bob Williams and Ron Johnson

Men’s Doubles 3.0. Gold: Don Gibson and Mike Pennington; Silver: Lloyd Muth and Bill Sturgeon; Bronze: Bob Carlson and Kirk Tatom

Men’s Doubles 3.5. Gold: Tom Burnside and Steve Spencer; Silver: Greg Long and Richard Kronk; Bronze: Rick Kline and R C Weidner

Men’s Doubles 3.75. Gold: Bob Buck and Larry Kraus; Silver: Dave Wong and Ron Graf; Bronze: Steve Arthur and Bill Schlaupitz

Mixed Doubles 2.0/2,5. Gold: Jody and Lloyd Muth; Silver: Charlotte and Thomas Andrews; Bronze: Flo Van Volkom and Lee Thompson

Mixed Doubles 3.0. Gold: Lila Nees and Larry Suskevich; Sliver: Rick and Brenda Kline; Bronze: Dave Owen and Susan Phillips

Mixed Doubles 3.5. Gold: Ron and Laurell Graf; Silver: Bob Buck and Gini Cassidy; Bronze: Wayne Champagne and Kandis Larkey

Mixed Doubles 3.75. Gold: Brenda Amans and Jeff Hamrlik; Silver: Sue Waibel and Steve Arthur; Bronze: Connie Koser and Dave Wong