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How to pay your HOA Dues

First half yearly 2017 invoices for dues should be received by mail sometime in mid-December. Payment due date for both is January 1.

There are four ways to pay HOA dues. The same four methods can be used to pay Carefree Villa dues, too. However, please keep Carefree Villa and RR HOA dues payments completely separate. We recommend all payments be submitted at least five days before the due date on your invoice or coupon to avoid late charges. Please have your dues assessment perforated stub handy when using the links on the HOA website for credit card or E-Check payments as information from the stub will be needed.


Homeowners can access through the Robson Ranch Casa Grande HOA website and pay their dues with their credit card. These payments can take up to five days to process. Please note there is a 3% charge to the homeowner for credit card payments.


Homeowners can access through the Robson Ranch Casa Grande HOA website and pay their dues using E-check. The HOA recommends this payment type as it is instantaneous and a true ACH bank to bank payment method. This is a one time payment method with the money being electronically transferred from your bank to the HOA. Echeck payments may take up to four business days to process and post to your account. There is no charge to homeowners with this payment method.

MAIL–ADDRESS IS BELOW (NOT the Corporate Office address in Sun Lakes!)

Homeowners mail their association dues, including both the perforated stub and dues check, using the envelope provided in the mailings to the below address. All payments received will be processed immediately and credited to the HOA’s account assuming your check is filled out properly. Mail to:

Robson Ranch Casa Grande HOA

PO Box 94134

Las Vegas, Nevada 89193-4134

Villas Homeowners can also mail your Villas addressed checks for assessments to the RR CG HOA address above.

Any correspondence sent with a payment will be separated and sent to RCI. However, sending extra correspondence with a payment is not encouraged. Please contact your HOA administrator directly with any questions or concerns.


Electronic/Online banking is available to homeowners and many banks offer these online bill payment services to their customers. If using these services, please make the appropriate changes and mail payments to the lockbox address noted above. Also know this type of payment service is not a direct electronic payment to the HOA and processing time can vary. Checks are still mailed (by the bank) to the HOA.

*Regardless of the method used above, payment is due in full by the first of the month following the statement date. If payment is not received by the 15th a 10% late charge will be applied.

These four payment options are completely separate from the monthly homeowner card statements that pertain to the Homeowner ID “card signing privilege”. Please do not include monthly member card payments with HOA dues. Those payments still must be sent in the name of the HOA to the Sun Lakes address. Two separate systems and two separate departments are handling those payments.