Paper Crafting Club Ready to Welcome Back Winter Residents

Marilyn Monroe napkin card

Triple layer technique card

Jaine Toth

Fall is just around the corner and the Paper Crafting Club is beginning to welcome back our winter resident members as they return to their Robson Ranch homes and to our twice-weekly sessions.

While they were away, classes were put on hold, but we full-timers, as well as the winter residents, are eager for them to recommence. Our program chair, Georgia Brosnihan, is busy scheduling new ones with a goal of two classes per month beginning in September. Having had so many interesting projects presented in the past, we look forward with anticipation and curiosity as to what will be taught next.

Some past classes taught the basic card, which has no folds and consists of three layers, including the face of the card; the triple technique where different sized pieces of cardstock are stacked and stamped, so that each layer contains a portion of the design—they are then assembled, giving the finished product a unique look; and the napkin card saw us peeling the backing off of a beautifully designed napkin and gluing it onto cardstock, cutting a piece of the design from another section of the napkin, gluing it to a smaller piece of stock, then attaching it over its corresponding part of the design with a pop dot, giving it a 3D effect—the card is then covered with spray glitter, creating a dazzling finish.

We’ve also made pop-out greeting cards, penguin slider holiday cards, pinwheel designed cards, arrow-fold, partial cut-outs, and many other styles.

In addition to cards, we’ve covered plates with napkins, decoupaged them, then painted the backs solid white to enhance the design on the front. We’ve also cut out gift baskets on the Cricut machine and assembled and decorated them.

Are you curious as to what’s next? Come and join us to find out and try your hand at making some cards. Not interested in card making? Come learn how to scrapbook or bring your existing scrapbooking project. We meet on Monday mornings from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Thursday afternoons from noon to 4 p.m. at the Creative Arts Center. For more information, contact Club President Pat Serveiss at 719-661-1582 or [email protected].