Paper Crafters Club—Caring and Sharing

The Paper Crafter’s Club is caring for our community. On Feb. 5, a group of members went to Caliche Senior Living Community and helped some of the residents make Valentine’s Day cards. Members of the club who attended included Linda Banks, Lois Graber, Rosemarie Maki, Kathy Gerritsen, and Pat Serveiss. The residents who participated included Mary Putman, Pat Bushy, Julia Liebel, Angie Meijia, and Virginia Fulton. Everyone had a fabulous time! This is the second time ladies from the club have gone to Caliche to make cards with residents, and there will likely be more events.

The Paper Crafters have many more charities and groups they make cards for. They include:

* Caregiver Day at Copper Sky Assisted Living staff. It’s a big thank you for the support and care they give the residents.

* Mother’s and Father’s Day cards for Eloy Police, Eloy Fire, Caliche Senior Living Community, and Copper Sky Assisted Living

* Pinal County Animal Care

* Angela’s Closet

*Support Our Troops—cards for raffles

* Wood Crafter’s Shop—cards for members when they are ill or someone passes

The Paper Crafters enjoy providing their creative cards to bring smiles to others in the community.

We also teach members different techniques to make cards, and we have lots of supplies and tools for you to use. Come join the fun, meet new people, and laugh.

If this looks like fun and you would like to join us, come to the Creative Arts Center on Mondays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or Thursday afternoons from noon to 4 p.m. We have an annual membership cost of just $20.