Old dogs and new tricks

A free-hand drawing from Intermediate Drawing taught by Professor Susan Ramos of Central Arizona College

A free-hand drawing from Intermediate Drawing taught by Professor Susan Ramos of Central Arizona College

Nancy Friedman

Are you retired and looking for something new to learn or experience? Then now is the time to sign up for a class at Central Arizona College which is about 20 minutes from Robson Ranch. Have you ever wanted to try drawing, painting, making jewelry, photography, karate or learn Spanish, horsemanship (note, must provide own horse), or even a musical instrument like guitar (which our own John Sutton of Robson Ranch teaches)? Central Arizona College (CAC) is now registering students for the fall semester. Check out available classes online at: centralaz.edu.

Classes run from August 22 until December 16, 2016. You can audit a class if you don’t want credit or a grade. I have audited a class when I knew a vacation would cause me to be absent a few days. It is easy to register. All you need is your Arizona driver’s license or a government ID to prove you are a resident. You then fill out an admission form and take a reading test which may take five to ten minutes. You can also call 520-494-5260 which is the registration number if you have any questions.

If you are concerned about being one of the oldest in class, don’t worry. Remember, you can audit the class but those young students have to obtain a grade. You will get a young person’s perspective on life and sometimes they learn a little history from you, too. Some classes are even available online like Art History and beginning Spanish. If you are still worried about being the oldest in the class, try the Lifelong Learning classes available through CAC. They are usually for one night a week and for shorter periods of time.

Finally, if you really aren’t interested in any classes, you might look into the entertainment provided to our area by CAC. They have a beautiful venue called the Pence Center. Again, browse the above website for available entertainment including the winter concert lineup.

Think young. Think forever learning. Prove old dogs can learn new tricks!