Notice about homeowner member card charges

This communication is for any homeowner that has member charging privileges by using their member card (this is different from the semi-annual assessments).

As a member of the HOA, one of your amenities is the ability to use your member card to charge restaurant, fitness, event and golf expenses. Now, the new HOA website, Northstar, provides the added convenience of viewing and paying your member charges online. If you aren’t currently charging with your member card, see below for instructions on activating this privilege.

Viewing member card charges and payments:

The website can be found by logging in to If this is your first time logging in, please use your 8 digit member number as the user name and the password. If you have already logged in, please use your 8 digit member as the user name and whatever password you selected when you 1st logged in.

After logging in to the website, go to Member Center, which is located on the navigation bar at the top of the page, and then choose My Account. You have the option there to look at your statement summary and recent charges, as well as recent payments, all of which pertain to the use of your member card.

Credit balances on member statements:

If you see parenthesis around the balance on your statement, that means that you have a credit on your account. IF you have questions as to why you have a credit, please email [email protected]

If your member charges information isn’t on the website:

If you can’t see your member charges, first check to make sure you are logged in. If you are, check your member number to see if it ends in something other than 01. The household member whose number ends in 01 receives the billing information. If the 01 member wants you to have access to that same information, they can log in to the website under their user name, go to Member Center >> My Profile >> My Settings and check the box in the lower right corner of the page labeled Allow Payment via My Account.

Paying monthly member charge statements:

To pay your monthly statement, go to Member Center, then choose Make a Payment. You may pay with a credit card or make a bank ACH payment by entering your bank routing number and account number. Paying with a credit card incurs a 2.5% processing fee, while paying by bank ACH incurs no fee. You can also mail payable to Robson Ranch HOA; PO Box 65433

Activating your member card for charging:

If you wish to use your member card for charging, it is necessary to have a signed charging privileges form on file with the HOA. Simply download the form, fill it out, sign it, then drop it off at either clubhouse front desk or mail it to: Robson Ranch CG HOA, 5750 N Robson Blvd, Eloy, Arizona 85131.