Notes from Coffee with the GM – July 28, 2015

Lando Voyles, Pinal County Attorney, spoke on internet scams. He cautioned homeowners to verify who you are talking to and to get a number from them, telling them you will call them back. Scammers will hang up immediately. When you get a suspicious email, never click on an attached link. Try typing in the address yourself. Check out all the ways you can protect yourself on the website

Sales Report:

YTD 63 sold (don’t have the break down between homes and villas)


Remainder of the tickets for the 2016 Concert Series and New Year’s Eve tickets will go on sale the week before Thanksgiving. Watch for information in email blasts, HOA Notes and Robson Views.

We have been pro-active in treating mosquitoes, spot treating all standing water, keeping spillways dry and having a professional service monitor all our lakes.

The next coffee is scheduled for September 29 at 10:00 a.m. in the Hermosa Ballroom.

F&B Q&A with the F&B Management team:

Benjamin Castro, F&B Manager

Heather Hardesty, Banquet Manager

Austin Pascucci, Executive Chef

Sara Cecil, Evening Restaurant Manager

Trent Hamrlik, Day Restaurant Manager


Chef Austin addressed inconsistency in the kitchen—the same dish doesn’t come out the same way twice. He is standardizing recipes and adding pictures so no matter who makes the item, it will always look and taste the same.

Chef feels we have the resources and equipment to get the job done. He is purchasing the best quality product and is starting to bring in more organically grown foods. About 95% of what comes out of the kitchen is homemade. Chef is using several suppliers to get the quality product that he wants.

Sara addressed training issues. The restaurant managers are scheduling regular training sessions with staff on menu knowledge and terminology, table settings, communication with the kitchen, preparation for special events and large groups. More hands on training is needed.

It was mentioned that the more experienced servers seem to be working in the dining room rather than the grill and there is a noticeable difference in service.

You should be greeted at your table within one minute of being seated. This is the server’s responsibility as well as putting the ticket into the kitchen to get the food out in a timely manner. The server also needs to time the appetizer, salad and main entrée so they are spaced out without a wait in between. If a runner brings the food out, server should check back with the table within a minute or two.

These are all things that are being addressed at shift changes every day.

Trent is revisiting hospitality with the servers: smiles, greetings and upbeat behavior. He encouraged homeowners to use the comment cards; both good and bad are shared with staff.

Sara and Trent know we cannot compromise on detail. A lot of their training is just that: attention to detail so it will become second nature.

A suggestion was made that we limit use of the Billiards Room in the Tack Room to adults. It’s being taken under consideration.