New Sewing Group Kicks Off the New Year

Diane Bohmert

In February, a new garment sewing group will be kicking off the new year. If you like to sew or think you might like to learn and are interested in garment sewing, quilting, machine embroidery, and spending time with others, please join us in the sewing studio at the Creative Arts Center (CAC) any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. For more information, stop by the studio or contact Jane Kihlstrom at 425-359-5727.

If you know of a Robson Ranch resident who is suffering from cancer, life threatening illness, or with a spouse who has passed, please contact the Material Girls Charity Quilt Chairman Marge Doughty at 360-739-9990, by email at [email protected], or through one of our committee chairs Diane Bohmert at 651-434-1902, Karen Karpinski at 815-954-0766, Karen Furu at 520-429-4366, or Bea Pressler at 520-858-5379. We don’t want to miss anyone that is deserving of a quilt.

Below is a story from a new member of Material Girls, Dee Puleio, of her sewing journey through COVID-19.

“When COVID-19 started, I was hobby-less. I had so much time on my hands and I was bored and alone. I had just been through a life changing experience and being at home in the house by myself and solo, I was ready to take on a new challenge. Fortunately, my neighbor in Tucson was a seamstress and knew I had a granddaughter. She asked me if I wanted to start sewing and she would help me. Oh! What a life saver!” Dee said. “My first outfits were real learning curves. I had never cut fabric, sewed seams or hems, nor read a pattern. But, I was hooked.

I moved to a Robson rental shortly afterward. I loved the community and the friendliness of the people. I decided to build a new house and it will be ready in March! I can’t wait. Meanwhile, I pursued the internet for advice, techniques, and inspiration. I watched so many YouTube videos and Sew Alongs, never sure I was on the right track. Once Robson began to open up, I discovered the Sewing Room at the CAC. Oh, happy day! All those seamstresses and quilters were eager to help me. The skills I am learning are endless. I can ask as many questions as I need and they are open to beginners. There are so many gears and gadgets and I want to learn what they do. My skills are improving,” she said.

“I am excited to continue my sewing journey with the sewing group and broadening my skills and learning to sew for myself. I will also be learning how to make my own patterns in January. I could never have imagined this was going to be such an exciting and fulfilling year for me. Grateful for everyone’s help, especially my new teacher Patty,” Dee said.