New season begins for the Robson Ranch Hiking Club

Diane Kandel

The October 27 meeting kicked off the 2015–2016 season for the Robson Ranch Hiking Club. Leaders were introduced, and new members were provided information on the orientation hike required for everyone planning to hike with the club. Anyone still interested in hiking who was not able to attend that meeting should contact Jim Price at 520-836-5286 to schedule an orientation hike where the ins and outs of hiking will be explained as well as what to expect, things to bring along, proper clothing attire, etc.

This season there will be three separate hiking groups in the club. Trail diversity for the different groups was discussed and noted that all groups may not be hiking the same trails and will not be expected to end hiking at the same times. Hikes are scheduled for Fridays, but additionally scheduled hikes for other days will be announced when planned. It is important to note that hikes scheduled to leave the parking lot for Robson Ranch will depart on time. Arriving one minute late will be cause for missing a hike. So plan to meet at the designated spot at least 15 minutes prior to departure.

The CARDIO group will do hikes rated A/B+, distance of 5–10+ miles, elevation change from 1000–2000 feet with a fast pace of 2.0–2.5 mph and infrequent breaks. Terrain can be long and steep with rough or uneven surfaces.

The TREKKERS group will do hikes rated B, distance of 5-10 miles, elevation change from 500-1500 feet with a moderate pace of 1.5– .0 mph and few breaks. Terrain will be moderate with some rocky and uneven surfaces.

The RECREATION group will do hikes rated C, distance of 4-6 miles, elevation change of less than 1000 feet with a slower pace of less than 1.5 mph and frequent breaks. Terrain will be easy with modest steepness and rocks, mostly with even surfaces.

Jim Price introduced the hiking leaders for this season: Ken Jensen, Fred and Connie Koser, Mike Campbell, Margie Poplawski, Kevin Grout, Allie and Karen Woodcock and Jim Price.

Weekly hikes will be announced at least one week prior to the hikes via email notification from Margie Poplawski. Hikers can choose weekly which group/hike they wish to attend and must notify their respective hiking leader via email prior to the hike. Hikes are limited to 12 in number, and a confirmation from the appropriate leader is required prior to the hike.