New music group at Robson Ranch – Sierra Sound

Ron Gibbs

Welcome to Robson Ranch Sierra Sound! Robson residents Kim Gibbs and Ken Muhlbeier have combined to form a new duo called Sierra Sound. The group will be providing primarily original songs with vocals by Kim and guitar by Ken. Performances at the Tack Room will cover a variety of genres including blues, country, pop, ballads and jazz. Strong lead vocals by Kim are the heart of this group. She will be singing original songs written by Ken as well as some familiar hit tunes. When not on the lead voice Kim will be adding her harmonies as Ken sings songs he has written over his many years as a performer. Strong guitar leads to instrumental songs will help provide a variety of songs, genres and sounds.

Come and enjoy this new dynamic group as they provide energy and a variety of listening pleasures. Check the events calendar for Wednesday night events in the Tack Room.