New Democratic Club Forming

Deborah Dorman

Robson Ranch is home to a friendly community of people with varying views and interests. A new Democratic Club is now forming, stemming from the enthusiastic group of more than one hundred and thirty people in the NextDoor group that supported Biden and Harris in the recent election. It will be called the Democratic Club of Robson Ranch AZ (DCRR). The club’s focus will be to support the election of Democratic candidates and support of progressive goals, by working through existing organizations, such as the Casa Grande Democrats, as well as social activities, education about and discussion of issues, and community outreach. The club members expect to have guest speakers, field trips, and to participate in charitable volunteer activities in Eloy and Casa Grande, as well as just enjoying socializing. Membership is open to registered democrats and any others who support the mission of the organization. The club wishes to provide a safe and friendly place to have open discussion and activities in support of its goals. For the time being, gatherings will be virtual only, but once it is safe to congregate, a regular meeting schedule will be set. For more information, contact Roger Oleson, acting chairperson, at [email protected] or Dorman Dorman, acting vice chairperson, at [email protected].