Needle Crafters continue to work on Christmas project

Diana Oleson

The needle crafters are working on hats, gloves and scarves for Christmas shoe box project for children from ages three to 17 that are in need. To date we have only 40 sets, and we need at least 90 sets by November.

So come on, knitters and crocheters, give us a hand. We have fun knitting and visiting, and we are knitting for a cause. Knitting has been known to lower blood pressure.* It’s a win, win!

For example, Karen Zila Hayes, a life coach in Toronto, conducts knitting therapy programs including Knit to Quit to help smokers give up the habit, and Knit to Heal for people coping with health crises like a cancer diagnosis or serious illness of a family member. Schools and prisons with craft programs report that they have a calming effect and enhance social skills. And having to follow instructions on complex craft projects can improve children’s math skills.

Some people find that craftwork helps them control their weight. Just as it is challenging to smoke while knitting when hands are holding needles and hooks, there’s less snacking and mindless eating out of boredom.

I’ve found that my handiwork with yarn has helped my arthritic wrists remain more dexterous as I age.

We will also accept donations of knitting or crocheting items or supplies that are no longer needed, even partial balls of yarn.

October we will be back to our regular hours of 9:00 to noon on Thursdays at the creative center.

*Not medically proven