Meet Mary Beth Fisher, Fine Arts Guild’s February Artist of the Month

Here Mary Beth is exploring acrylic palette knife painting under the tutelage of Nils Johnson.

Here Mary Beth is exploring acrylic palette knife painting under the tutelage of Nils Johnson.

Nancy Friedman

Mary Beth moved here by default in 2007. She had retired from a 43-year nursing career followed by a five-year real estate stint. She had also designed and lived in her dream home in the mountains of Colorado on the Arkansas River.

“I had this incredible house of which I had always dreamed. Then I discovered my husband of 46 years could not tolerate the altitude and required a move somewhere else. When I arrived at Robson, there were about 250 residents here. We were all busy putting in place many of the activities, which numerous of you enjoy today, such as: The Ladies Group, Mahjongg, the Lady Lynx golf group, yoga, and water exercise.”

Mary Beth also became involved in charity work for St. Helen’s Catholic Church in Eloy, the Salvation Army Tree program, Alzheimer’s tea parties, and the Santa Cruz Valley Food Bank.

“Every one of my charity events had incredible works donated by Fine Arts Guild members,” she stated.

“It never occurred to me to join the Fine Arts Guild, because I had no talent which I’ve known my whole life. I never could color within the lines. I could not seem to draw a straight line. My previous experiences with art had been doing Christmas cards or other decorations with my friends in California. These events usually ended up with me having my fingers glued to the paper and my friends suggesting I buy my Christmas cards. Then I had an opportunity to do a paint and sip. After a glass or two of wine and painting under the guidance of an experienced painter who showed me that ‘yeah I could do this if someone guides me.’ I now enjoy going up to the studio as I always learn something unique and exciting from one of the other members who have a skill or talent in an area in which I am weak in or haven’t even explored. I was very excited with the acrylic pours because my husband really enjoyed the medium also. Last year our kitchen became an art studio where he made trivets and table coasters for all of our children and grandchildren who were delighted to have something from him.”

Mary Beth now knows that a ruler helps with the straight line and has been a member of the Fine Arts Guild for approximately six years.

“All of my artwork from the mixed media, colored pencils, Zen tangles, watercolors, or any of my acrylic pours are warmly welcomed by my kids and my granddaughter which keeps me going, knowing no matter what I make or paint somebody will want it,” she said. “I encourage people to visit the studio. Really, if I can do it, you can. Talent is good but desire to explore something new or challenging yourself by doing something ‘so not you’ brings wonderment. Having just celebrated my 80th birthday, I wonder what’s next?” she said enthusiastically.