You may be lucky to receive one of these cards

Nancy Friedman, Secretary

On the afternoon of August 23, 20 Robson Ranch ladies attended a Watercolor Note Card class. For $10 the ladies were provided with five note cards and envelopes, two brushes and basic watercolors. With a few techniques under their belts they started making their own simple to elaborate note cards. Many said they had no artistic talent, but then realized they could make a basic watercolor card. Some stepped out onto the swaying artistic limb to push the envelope of their unknown talents to paint a more complicated note card and did quite well. Of course, there are always a few ringers in class who are already great artists. We found a couple of them in this class who were new to Robson and hope to see them become members of the Guild this coming year.

This past summer while many of you were away enjoying other locations and cooler weather, the Fine Arts Guild presented afternoon classes which entertained our year-round residents during those hot afternoons. Each class was filled to capacity with many learning they did indeed have an artistic streak which if nurtured turned out something lovely. The Fine Arts Guild’s classes have become so popular; we had to schedule two classes for October to accommodate all those who wished to attend our colored pencil class. When we open up classes to all RR residents we usually publish them on Nextdoor and/or request an HOA blast.

If you think you would like to find your inner artist, consider joining The Fine Arts Guild or trying one of our classes. If you are interested in the Fine Arts Guild or just have questions you may contact any of our officers. Presently they are: co-presidents, Jillian Moon and Melanie Douglas; treasurer, Janet Buckingham; secretary, Nancy Friedman. All their contact information is listed in your Sourcebook or on the RR  HOA website.