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Material Girls – Why do we quilt?


Jean Handlen

We’re often asked this question, mainly by non-quilters. We find that sometimes others (i.e. non-quilters) just don’t get it. Why would a completely normal, sane person buy beautiful fabric, only to cut it up and then spend a long time sewing it back to make a whole piece again?

It does sound a little loopy, we agree, but unless you’re a quilter, you simply won’t understand the almost mega-addiction that quilters develop whilst practicing their passion.

So why do we quilt? Here are some of the responses received from some of the members.

I quilt because it makes me feel good.

I quilt because I feel I can be productive, often in a seemingly non-productive environment.

I quilt because it’s something I can enjoy alone or with a hundred other quilters.

I quilt because I go to another place in my head – and forget the troubles of the day.

I quilt because I want to make warm covers for my family to wrap around themselves.

I quilt because I can speak through my creating – say things that I might not otherwise say out loud.

I quilt because it allows me the time to mull over problems, not always solving, but making time to think.

I quilt because it’s all about me, not family, career or others expectations, just me.

I quilt because I love to play with color and I’m a hopeless painter.

I quilt because I can amaze myself with what I’m capable of creating.

I quilt because it absorbs and diminishes the various bumps and bruises of a busy day.

I quilt because it’s my lifeline – without it I just might go insane.

I quilt because of the friendships I have made and continue to make each and every day.

I quilt because my knowledge grows and grows with each quilting experience and that boosts my self-esteem.

I quilt because I’m in control of the input and the output – no one else gets a say.

I quilt because I encounter the most interesting people, with the most interesting stories.

I quilt because it allows me to give and share in the generosity of spirit that is found amongst quilters.

With all these wonderful reasons why would you not want to quilt?

If you would like to experience this for yourself, The Material Girls welcomes you to join our club. Dues are $20 per year, and you can visit two times before dues are collected. Monies from our dues, profits from our raffle quilt ticket sales and the craft fairs support the purchase of fabrics and supplies we need to fulfill our ongoing commitments to our charities.

If you would like more information about the club please contact one of the following members: Karn King 520-233-0227 [email protected], Donna Payne 815-488-6861 [email protected], Robin Tisinger 520-423-2623 [email protected] or Patty Folly 503-804-6260.