Material Girls Turning the Corner to Fall

This year’s Raffle Quilt is queen sized in southwest tans and teal.

Susie Klopp

When I was a kid, school started the day after Labor Day. In my mind the calendar turned the corner to fall when school started, even if you couldn’t wear that new wool skirt just yet. Well, it’s time to turn the corner into fall even if our Arizona kids have been back in school for a month.

It won’t be long before our part-time residents start heading back and activities will start picking up. It’s an exciting time for all to see what people have been doing during the summer, including new projects, innovative ideas, and new classes. Our projects committee chair Joy Swanson has been a busy bee talking some of us into teaching classes. We will have projects and techniques both big and small. Just when you think you know or have seen it all, someone creates a new ruler or pattern that you just can’t resist. And if the new pattern requires a new ruler or template, who can resist. People who love arts and crafts also love the tools and gadgets that go with them. Quilters aren’t any different!

September brings us closer to the November Craft Fair. We will be busy creating all the things that Robson residents and guests love to buy. And we can’t forget the Raffle Quilt! This year, it’s a queen sized quilt in southwest tans and teal. It would look awesome on your bed. The tickets are a dollar each, with multiple tickets at a discount. But it only takes one to win!