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Material Girls—Come Join the Fun!

This eagle and American flag quilt made by the Material Girls will be given to the Robson Ranch chapter of SOT–AZ for their annual Veterans Day auction.

Susie Klopp

We are busy this summer working on projects for our families and the November Craft Fair, but we are also thinking ahead to all the holidays that happen in the fall. One of our members found a printed panel of an eagle and the American flag. So, a group of us got together and made a quilt to be given to the Robson Ranch chapter of the Support Our Troops–Arizona (SOT–AZ) for their annual Veteran’s Day auction. Our worker bees were Jane Kihlstrom, Lyn Love, Jodie Spiller, Susie Klopp, and Chere Baters. It was also a great excuse for friends to get together—not that we need an excuse!

If you have any interest in working with fabric, we have many members doing lots of different things. Quilts are just one of the things we do. We have a group who make clothing. Both for themselves and grandbabies. Some people machine embroider to embellish what they make. Some of us make home décor items like pillows and wall hangings. If it involves fabric, we are there.

Summer is a quiet time and lots of our members are off visiting family. Come fall, we will be resuming our monthly meetings and having classes. Including a beginning quilt class for those who always wanted to learn or need some brushing up. Some of us share our love of creating by teaching classes on techniques. Remember, it’s not just your grandmother’s quilts, but so much more. It’s quiet in the summer but come fall we have all sorts of things going on. Visit us when you can!