MasterMind! Challenge: Trivia

1. What material was used to make the first golf balls? Hint: It is not feathers.

2. Only five men have achieved a career grand slam in modern professional golf — Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Gene Sarazen, Gary Player, and ____. Hint: It is not Bobby Jones.

3. What is Tiger Woods’ real first name?

4. In golf, what is meant by “brassie?”

5. Which major golf tournament is played at Augusta National Golf Club?

6. What golf club started to become popular after Gene Sarazen first used it in 1935?

7. According to USGA rules, what is the maximum number of clubs that a player can have in his/her bag?

8. The Ryder Cup tournament is played by men from the U.S. against men from Europe. What is the name of the equivalent tournament played by women?

9. In inches, what is the diameter of a golf hole?

10. What male golfer won an LPGA tournament?

11. Who was the first non-American to win the Masters?

12. What golfer is nicknamed, “Lefty?”

13. Within +/- 25 feet, what is the longest putt ever sunk (by Fergus Muir in 2001)?

14. What is a “condor” in terms of scoring in golf?

15. Who is considered to be the first U.S. professional golfer?


1) Wood. 2) Ben Hogan. 3) Eldrick. 4) A three wood. 5) The Masters. 6) Sand wedge. 7) 14. 8) The Solheim Cup. 9) 4.5 inches. 10) Sam Snead. 11) Gary Player. 12) Phil Mickelson. 13) 375 feet. 14) Scoring four under par on a single hole (usually a hole-in-one on a par 5 hole). 15) Walter Hagen.