MasterMind: A new activity

MasterMind! is a new activity that might be of interest to Robson Ranch residents. It is an informal endeavor that focuses on general knowledge trivia in order to have fun and keep our minds sharp.

Under consideration are various kinds of contests (beyond those offered in the Ranch House on Thursday nights). Additionally, it is likely that general knowledge questions will be published in various ways so that there will be a number of opportunities for people to test their brainpower.

For starters, anyone is welcome to visit the MasterMind! website at to try some trivia questions. Questions about MasterMind! can be emailed to [email protected]. It is important to note that MasterMind! is not affiliated with the Robson Ranch HOA or any Robson Ranch company.

For the moment, perhaps the following items will be of interest:

1. What was the nationality of Sir Edmund Hillary, the man who made it to the top of Mt. Everest on May 29, 1953?

2. What was actress Margaret Hamilton’s most famous movie role?

3. Two triangles that have exactly the same size and shape are said to be what?

4. What is the color of the center circle on an archery target?

5. In what country is Mt. Kilimanjaro located?

6. What do rolling, reef, slip, barrel, bowline, jamming and pipe have in common?

7. From 1801–1812, Thomas Bruce removed the Elgin Marbles from what famous landmark?