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Lost Art

Melanie Douglas

With everything being mass-produced these days and developed via technology, I’m writing to encourage my fellow residents to remember to teach our younger generations how to “create” with their own two hands! Remember when we had to take “home economics” or “household engineering?” What about “shop class” or a course on welding or soldering?

Younger generations are missing out on the feeling of accomplishment when creating or building something “by hand.” With discount stores and online shopping, who needs to actually make anything? Just buy it or order it!

Let’s help preserve the satisfaction gained by creativity. Art is more than something to look at or hang on the wall. A person’s artwork, either what they create or display in their home, tells so much about who they are and what they enjoy.

There are so many different art forms to enjoy, ranging from paint on canvas to shapes or useful objects created from clay or wood from fabrics or glass arranged into magical patterns to even a colorful meal presented with a flourish.

The often repeated claim that one has “no artistic talent” is usually an exaggeration, even if a person “can’t draw a stick figure.” Who wants a stick figure for artwork anyway?

If you are already exploring the fabulous spaces for creativity provided at Robson Ranch, wonderful! If not, there are so many options with orientation and classes (hopefully starting back up in the next few months, when it’s safe to do so). I would recommend giving it a try. Once you learn a new skill or hone a passion from the past, please pass it on. I’m sharing my love for painting with my grandson and hope his younger sister will join us soon. My goal: get those tech-savvy grandkids to put down the phone and pick up a paintbrush.