Let Peace Be Our Guide

Catharina Cupples

Set aside the weekend of the spring equinox to partake in a meaningful retreat in the lovely and peaceful desert setting of Eloy, Arizona. Let Peace Be Our Guide is a retreat for seekers to explore your inner journey of peace in order to radiate peace to the world.

How do you allow, or disallow, peace inside yourself? We’ll explore this question through numerous avenues, including meditation, laughter, reflection and contemplation, sharing our perceptions, journaling, desert walking, dance, Reiki, drumming and singing bowls, equinox ceremony and videos.

Retreat facilitators Sarah Kelzenberg, Rina Cupples and Lois Valleau plan time to assist you in developing awareness of the signs of peace around you; Reiki energy as an avenue toward feeling peace deeply within you; and specific meditations for inner balance to consistently expand your heart of peace.

Time is planned for peaceful walks in the beautiful desert landscape, videos of Prem Rawat discussing aspects for achievement of genuine peace, conversation about life as it mirrors to us either the peace or the discord we experience inwardly.

From Friday evening, March 20, through Sunday afternoon, March 22, we’ll follow these and other pathways to peace at the Desert Rose Baha’i Institute in Eloy, Arizona. Six delicious and nutritious meals and two nights’ accommodation, plus all activities are included. The retreat fee is $375. For additional information, please contact Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699, or Rina Cupples at 480-883-7747.