Lady Lynx golfers continue to play throughout summer

Karen Furu, President

Hope this finds you lounging by the pool or better yet just getting back from the golf course. Lady Lynx is comprised of women who live at Robson Ranch as a winter resident or full-time resident. In our relaxed, fun atmosphere members hope a participant learns to love the game of golf, improves her skills and makes life-long friends. You don’t need to be an expert at golf or even have been playing for years. Lady Lynx golf group has been a God-send to me. I probably wouldn’t be playing golf if it wasn’t for the understanding and encouragement of these wonderful women. I think I have improved so much since starting to play. I bought my first driver and love how it has helped me to hit straighter and longer shots, not all of them, unfortunately.

So even in the heat of summer come play with us if you are still here at Robson. The sign-up sheet is in the Pro Shop. It will tell you what time play starts. In the summer it is usually early morning. If you are away for the summer, come join us. We hope to have social events every two weeks. In May Linda Walker opened her beautiful house to us for drinks and snacks. There was much laughter. If there is a party it will be reflected in the sign-up sheet.

Also two or three times a year we have a scramble and after party. Our last one was on March 17, St Patrick’s Day. There was quite a bit of “wearing of the green.” We even played some great golf. The weather was fantastic. Sadly we said good-by to our former president, Marj Stewart. Marj and her husband decided they wanted to travel more and not try to maintain two houses. We were able to give her a send-off with lots of hugs, laughter and tears. Our next scramble will be in the fall.

Hope to see you on the golf course. Join us anytime. If you have questions over the summer, please contact either Mary Beth Fisher or Shelby Davis. Golf will be Tuesday at 0700 with sign-up at 0630. We would love to have you join us.