Jesus’ Birth Story

Ron Hunt, Pastor of Robson-based Friendship Center

A family’s excitement on the learning of a pregnancy is often among the greatest days in peoples’ lives. The day the child is born makes the family anew with the height of human joy. Imagine now, the child is God’s child.

The details are fascinating. These details are what we will explore every Sunday this month.

Matthew and Luke are the two of the four gospels who tell Jesus’ birth story. Angelic announcements of God, and human responses permeate these stories.

Luke tells it from the perspective of Jesus’ mother, Mary. The highest of angels, Gabriel, comes to her and announces she is to be the mother of God’s own Son. From there, the details continue.

Matthew tells Jesus’ birth story from Joseph’s perspective. He had resolved to leave Mary, his betrothed, when an angel appears to him in a dream. The angel proclaims to Joseph to continue with the marriage. Joseph is given an extremely high calling as an adoptive father of Jesus. In the dream, Joseph learns from the angel the child’s name.

Astrologers and shepherds, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the powerful and the humble merge into one great story about the babe, Jesus.

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Friendship Center, an interdenominational church, will contemplate the stories’ greater details every Sunday in December. We will also celebrate Christmas Eve at 3 p.m. on the patio and on Zoom. To learn more, you may go to or call Pastor Ron’s cell at 218-330-5306.

A very merry and meaningful Christmas be yours from your friends at Friendship Center, where we are committed to Jesus’ life message of “Loving God, and Loving Everyone, Everywhere”.