Home and Home Golf Match – Robson Ranch vs. Mission Royale

The Robson Ranch and Mission Royale men’s clubs

The Robson Ranch and Mission Royale men’s clubs

Russ Stocek

On November 30, 40 golfers from Robson Ranch and 40 golfers from Mission Royale played 18 holes of golf here then another 18 on December 4 at Mission Royale. It was a match of the best ball of two players from each club for a point on the front nine, a point on the back nine and another point for the total match. For this portion of the event there was no money involved, only the bragging rights for the winner.

Each foursome consisted of two from Robson Ranch Men’s Club and two from Mission Royale Men’s Club with similar handicaps. The handicaps ranged from low of 0.2 to a high of 30. The scores over the two days ranged from 69 to over 100.

The total score after day one was 29 for Robson Ranch and 31 for Mission Royale, with RR losing with the home advantage. Then came day two where Mission had the home advantage and the resulting score was the same 29 for Robson Ranch and 31 for Mission Royale. In total, Robson Ranch lost with 58 points vs. Mission having 62 points. We do not have the bragging rights, but we will try harder next time we meet.

There were individual prizes for low gross and low net for the three flights of players. We had two Pine Flights, divided by handicaps, and a Rust flight. Robson Ranch did better when there was money involved, and we won the majority of the prizes. In Pine Flight 1, Ted Poplawski won net prizes both days as well as Tom Landin, Larry Mansfield, Allen Crawford, Don Williams and Doug Connell winning in one of the days. In Pine Flight 2 Lyle Watts won low gross at RR while Louis Heger won it at Mission Royale. Craig Spittel, Duwayne Lamere and Russ Stocek won a net prize at each place as well as John DeChristopher, Eldon Lee and Lyle Watts winning at one place. The Rust Flight had Jim Barber winning low gross at both Robson Ranch and Mission Royale (we will check his handicap!). Other winners of net prizes were Roy Johnson (he tied Jim at RR but lost in a scorecard playoff), Scott Jensen, Mike Hart, Rich Hoerr and Jim Moore. Joe Paulsen, Don Edge and Randy Poppen won net prizes at both courses.

Everyone had a great time playing golf at each location and enjoying a meal afterward with the guys that they played with the two days. We played hard and came up a little short on the bragging rights but walked away with some money and motivation to beat them next time!

Thanks to Jay Wilson and his golf staff as well as the banquet staff for all helping to create a successful event! Also thanks to Eldon Lee for helping to coordinate this event with me!