Are you HOA website savvy?

The HOA website is one of the most underutilized amenities available to Robson Ranch residents. There is a wealth of information provided in this one location that can easily and conveniently be accessed from the comfort of home. Yet many homeowners admit they have never visited the site. New homeowner orientations at the HOA office include a brief introduction to the site, and we enroll the homeowners immediately afterward to ensure timely receipt of the General Manager’s e-mail blasts.

This month’s article will provide a brief overview and refresher on how to access the site as well as what it contains and how it might be helpful.

The web address for Robson Ranch Arizona is Did you know that there is also a Robson Ranch in Texas? If you fail to pay close attention to what you are typing and leave out the “az” when entering the web address, you will not gain entry into the resident portion of the site. Here’s a suggestion. Type the address in once correctly, then save it to your “favorites” or favorites bar on the computer to avoid inadvertently leaving out the AZ in the future.

You do need a valid user ID and password to enter the resident portion of the website. What if you have forgotten your user ID and password? We have the ability to send you an email containing that information, just like other websites you use. Just send an e-mail or call us.

Once you have entered the resident portion of the website, use the menu on the left hand side of the page to navigate through it. The first item listed is “user profile.” As with other websites this is where you enter data about yourself and/or your spouse. You can modify this information at any time including changing your user ID and password by clicking “save changes” at the bottom of the page.

The “Address Book” is a handy way to look up other residents either by their last name, street or by performing a search of the book.

The “Documents” page contains the CC&Rs, Community Rules & Regulations, ALC Guidelines and other relevant information.

The “E-Forms” page provides nine (9) frequently used HOA documents. Some are printable for handwritten completion, and some are available for completion online with electronic submission. The forms consist of Change of Address, Guest Form, Homeowner ID Card Replacement, Login Request Form, RR Lady Lynx 9 Hole Golf Application, RR Views Change of Address Form, RV Registration Form, Source Book Information Form and Vacation Watch Form.

The “Announcements” page contains a drop down select-a-category menu on the right-hand side that allows you to choose from numerous articles such as the “Pay Homeowner Dues Online” information sheet. If you need a refresher on how to pay the twice yearly fees, check it out.

These are just a few of the items available to RR homeowners on the HOA website. There are many more: events calendars, financials, homes for lease and sale, classifieds, clubs, committees and terrific photo albums of past events. Take a few minutes to browse through this useful tool!