HOA Photo Album Reminder

Nicole McCracken, Administrative Assistant

Dear Robson Ranch homeowners,

As we start the new year, I wanted to remind everyone of the HOA photo album.

You may see your fellow homeowner, Marv Enerson, along with his camera taking pictures at a variety of homeowner events. On the HOA website, you will be able to find photos dating back to 2007. Recently, there were photos added from the Halloween Golf Cart Parade, Halloween Carnival, Murder Mystery Homecoming, and the SOT annual Fundraising Week. It’s fun to look at pictures of past events that you may not have been able to attend, and also see if you can find yourself in the many photos of friends and neighbors having fun!

To access the Robson Ranch photo album, you will first need to log into the HOA website at robsonranchazhoa.org. After logging in, click on ‘Photo Albums’ in the top green bar. You will be redirected to the photo albums home page, where you will see a list of different events, themes, and years to click on and browse.

We hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as we do!