Have you heard? Did you see? There is a new club…the Desert Woodcrafters

The “home” of the new Woodcrafters Club.

The “home” of the new Woodcrafters Club.

Mickie Storckman

Have you heard? Did you see? There is a new club at Robson Ranch, The Desert Woodcrafters.

We have our own woodworking club at the Ranch. It has taken awhile, but the club’s charter is approved, the procedures are in place, the equipment is in and the electricity is flowing. Our projected goal is to have people trained/oriented and be working in the shop in early to mid-January.

The next steps are identifying monitors, lining up trainers, working out schedules and, of course, enrolling members.

If you have always wanted to get rid of all that woodworking equipment in your garage but wanted a nice place to go and work on those projects with like-minded residents, this is the club for you. Or if you are not an experienced woodworker but like to do woodworking projects, this is the place for you. You might even learn some new tricks from some of the old pros who are joining the club. This is even a place to learn about that one piece of equipment you have never used before but have always wanted to try. Take it from me, we have some very experienced woodworkers at Robson Ranch.

But that is not the end of it; as I mentioned above we are in the process of identifying monitors. A monitor’s primary objective is safety, and our goal is to have at a minimum two monitors on duty anytime the shop is open. And if you would like to be a monitor but you don’t feel you are qualified, rest assured you will be trained with the necessary skills to perform this position.

We are striving to create a fun, safe place for people who like to work in wood to come together to work on projects, share ideas and have a good time.

The membership for 2015 will be $50 per person. If you are interested in joining, contact Marv Enerson via email at [email protected] or at 520-423-2344.

Where is this club you might ask? Well, if you happened to stroll along the sidewalk between the ceramic/art room and the golf cart shop at the CAC, you may have noticed the changes going on in the shop between the two. You might have seen someone painting walls, delivering equipment, adding insulation or changing the electrical. If you did, you were there.

If you have additional questions please contact any of the acting board below:

President David Handlen, [email protected] or 520-840-7946

Vice President Ken Hansen, [email protected] or 425-765-5147

Treasurer Marv Enerson. [email protected] or 520-423-2344

Secretary Mickie Storckman, [email protected] or 520-316-8097

Member at Large Jim Price, [email protected],  520-836-5286.