Happy Anniversary

Joe and Geri Nagy with their children, Will Nagy and Eileen Nagy Donley

Joe and Geri Nagy with their children, Will Nagy and Eileen Nagy Donley

Their wedding on May 19, 1956

Their wedding on May 19, 1956

Love is a many splendored thing!

Robson Ranch residents Joe and Gery Nagy were married on May 19, 1956. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on May 28, 2016 at the Robson Ranch-AZ Hermosa Ballroom among 200 family, friends and neighbors.

In attendance: their son, Will Nagy; his wife Jenny and two sons, Sam and Luke, all from New Jersey; their daughter, Eileen Nagy Donley, and her children, Christy Barnett and wife Jill Barnett from Arizona; Dr. Ryan Barnett from New York; Adam Barnett from Maryland; Nikki Barnett from Arizona; Joseph Barnett and his wife Brittany and three sons Hunter, Weston and Liam from North Dakota; Matt Barnett from Maryland; and her two youngest, Cody Donley and Cheyenne Donley from Arizona.

Also in attendance were Joe’s brother, Bob Nagy and his wife, Elaine Nagy (who is also Geri’s sister) from Texas, who have been married for over 50 years. Bob and Elaine’s son from California, David Nagy, was also in attendance. Geri’s cousin, Connie Drialo, traveled from Pennsylvania.

A special thanks to grandchildren Adam Barnett and Nikki Barnett for decorating the ballroom and the tables and chairs beautifully for the grand festivities. Many thanks to all of their family for helping host the special event.

The musical entertainment and family speeches were the highlight of the evening bringing laughter, tears and joy. Joe and Geri would also like to express their gratitude to their dear friend Wally Waluk for his special anniversary song.

Joe and Geri had the time of their life celebrating their 60 years of wedded bliss, and they would like to thank everyone for helping them celebrate.

Joe and Geri have resided in the Robson Ranch-AZ community for approximately 10 years. Joe is the former Mayor of Eloy and presently a member of the Eloy City Council. Geri is active in the Robson Ranch Ladies Club, step aerobics, water aerobics, swimming, Mah Jongg, Navy Mah Jongg and her activity list goes on. Joe and Geri enjoy playing Yuker and entertaining. When Joe and Geri put on an Italian feast they can feed the entire neighborhood! They are a beautiful asset to the Robson Ranch community!

One by one each year flew by,

Since you both said “I do”

60 years of memories,

Shared by the two of you.

From big events and holidays

To simple daily pleasures,

Some tearful times along life’s way,

Some joys that can’t be measured

One by one each year now gone,

But still they’re yours forever

Each and every memory,

Of 60 years together!

Happy 60th Anniversary