Guest registration


Nicole McCracken

With the summer in full swing, we are having the privilege of many friends and family members visiting the Ranch. It is always so refreshing to see new faces and learn about where they are from. It is important to remember that all guests that are visiting need to be registered at the HOA office. The Community Rules allow for each guest to visit for 30 days per year for no charge. Any guest staying over this time period will need to purchase an associate membership fee. Please remember, guests should be registered regardless if they are using the facilities, such as the weight room or pool, or not.

Registering your guest is a simple and swift process. If you would like to prepare paperwork ahead of time, you can pick up blank copies at the Ranch House front desk, Sports Club front desk or print copies off the HOA website under the documents tab. If it is the first time this particular guest is visiting, we will need a Validation Form and a Fitness Waiver filled out for each guest over the age of 18. These forms are for the guest to complete. As the homeowner, you will need to complete a Guest Guideline Form, which informs the HOA who is visiting, and the length of their stay. On this form, you would list every guest, even those under 18, which are visiting. This paperwork should be turned in to the HOA office Monday–Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. At this time, your guest(s) over the age of 18 will be registered into the computer, have their picture taken and be issued a guest card to use during their stay. We ask that you return the guest cards after they depart, so we can reuse them for other guests visiting the property.

If your guest is to return at a later date, the process is much easier. All that is needed is a new Guest Guideline Form completed by the homeowner and returned to the HOA office. The guest will be reactivated and reissued a guest card to use during their current stay. If your guest happens to be arriving over the weekend, completed paperwork can be turned in to the Sports Club front desk. The guest will be issued a temporary pass to use the facilities during the weekend and then can register at the HOA office Monday morning. Any questions can be directed to Nicole McCracken at 520-426-3345 ext. 0 or [email protected]