Great year for First Tee golf donations

Items donated to First Tee of Phoenix

Items donated to First Tee of Phoenix

This year was another great year of people donating golf balls and equipment to the First Tee. We collected 5,500 golf balls as well as 34 golf bags, over 100 woods, irons and putters. There were 17 full sets of clubs, some of which looked like they have never been used. In addition 19 pairs of shoes, gloves, four pull carts, thousands of tees and lots of other golf items including some clothing.

The collection came at a great time for the First Tee as they have a sale each year to sell the items that they cannot use for the kids and use the money from that sale to buy the items that are needed.

The goal of The First Tee of Phoenix is to incorporate responsibility, courtesy, honesty and integrity, all values inherent in the game of golf, into the daily lives of those who participate. By using the fundamentals of golf The First Tee of Phoenix equips youth with the skills needed to follow their dreams, advance academically and athletically, strengthen their social abilities and become productive members of their local community.

Russ Stocek has collected the golf equipment each year so that everyone could empty their garage or golf cabinet of the items that they no longer need. Since some of us buy new equipment occasionally (or frequently!) it is a great time to clean out that cabinet. He has done this for the last six years and will probably do it again next year. So save up those used golf balls or that putter that no longer works or even that driver that has lost some of its distance. Next spring will be the 2017 collection.