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Getting Your Pumpkin On

The masked pumpkin

The masked pumpkin

Artwork from the "Beginning Colored Pencil" demonstration on Oct. 21.

Artwork from the “Beginning Colored Pencil” demonstration on Oct. 21.

Nancy Friedman, Co-Education Director

A beginning colored pencil demonstration sponsored by the Fine Arts Guild occurred on Oct. 21, just in time to produce a colored pencil drawing of a pumpkin for Halloween.

With the aid of a DVD by Janie Gildow, a teacher from the Art Institute of the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, Karen Cutrell and Nancy Friedman displayed and discussed the basic supplies needed to venture into the medium of colored pencils. After watching appropriate pencil application as demonstrated by Janie in her video, Karen then demonstrated how to get three values from one pencil by using different pressures plus different colors by the blending of two pencils colors. After practicing the basics with a variety of colors from their small box of 12 Prismacolor pencils, the participants colored and shadowed their pumpkins with the guidance of Karen.

The Fine Arts Guild is fortunate to have an overhead projector and large screen TV that allows everyone in the room to view demonstrations while still observing the social distancing rule. The occupancy in our studio according to COVID-19 guidelines (as of this writing) is 10. Therefore, our classes are small and oftentimes need to be repeated. We thank all our members who have undertaken the responsibility of sharing their abilities with our members, including the repeats.

For more information about the Fine Arts Guild, you can contact Jeana Capel-Jones, Nils Johnson, or Nancy Friedman all of whom are located in your Source Book. Alternatively, just mask up and visit Studio II at the Creative Art Center for a quick tour when we have open studio time. Almost all art in the studio is for sale.