General Manager’s Report

Who all recalls the catchy TV advertisement by Southwest Airlines as they enticed you to travel with them? Their commercials ended with the coined phrase “wanna get away?’ I know for many of our Robson Ranch homeowners, this statement rings true as you prepare for your upcoming travels. Whether it be to go back home for the summer months, take a long and overdue vacation, head up north to our beautiful Arizona high country or maybe just getting away to see friends/family. Whatever the reason – not only do I wish you safe travels but I’d like to offer a few reminders to you as you prepare to “get away.”

If your trip will be for seven days or more, please be sure to fill out a vacation watch form as Robson Ranch proudly offers a vacation watch program. We will, at no charge, stop by your home a minimum of once per week until you return in order to make sure your doors are secure, there are no irrigation leaks and that nothing looks out of the ordinary. If anything significant is noted during our visit, then one of our professional roving patrol team members will contact you or your caregiver to provide a follow up report. Registering for this service can be done online by visiting Once you have logged in, please click on documents. The form is listed under Vacation Watch. You can also stop by the HOA Office for a hard copy form.

If you will be gone an extended amount of time, I’d like to suggest that you submit a change of address form in order for important community news to find you at your new destination. I’d just like to ask that you remember to reverse your mailing address once you return to the Ranch. Please email [email protected] any address change requests.

Each month, a complimentary copy of the Robson Ranch Views newspaper is delivered to your home. For those times you are away from the Ranch for more than 30 days; I’d like to suggest that you contact Robson Publishing directly at 480-895-4216 in advance so they can process a stop/start service for you.

No matter where you are, the activities and events around the Ranch will continue to reach you via email. If you are currently receiving updates from the HOA office now, then no action is needed. If you are not receiving our updates and would like to, please contact Nicole McCracken, Administrative Assistant at [email protected] or 520-426-3355.

Have a wonderful summer!