General Manager’s Report


Melani Caron, General Manager

Regardless of the size of any community, there is always one thing that every community needs: resident volunteers. April is National Volunteer Month and I am grateful for the wonderful homeowners who have generously given their time to serve. Robson Ranch has volunteers serving in the capacity of a committee, advisory council, groups and clubs, charitable organizations and simply neighbors to neighbors offering a helpful hand.

Successful volunteers have these common traits:

* Kindness and genuinely like people. A kind volunteer goes a long way because everyone can use more “nice things” in their lives.

* Initiative and determination. A great volunteer isn’t afraid to tackle projects because they take ownership in projects – there for the long-term to help organize. They are willing to look at timelines, how to do the project and who should be involved.

* Excellent communication skills. They ask questions, listen and document their work. A great volunteer is willing to share knowledge and help others.

* Active effort to promote the community. They may not have all the skills for a specific project, but they recruit help from others and participate where they can.

* Willingness to learn new things. Volunteers have to adapt to changes along the way. They recognize that flexibility is key to getting the job done while building relationships along the way.

While the entire month of April is known for being National Volunteer Month, the week of April 15 – 21, 2018 is celebrated as National Volunteer Week (yes, a whole week of celebrating!). Congratulations to all of the wonderful people we have at Robson Ranch who, regardless of frequency, have volunteered this past year. On behalf of the Board of Directors, myself and the entire staff – we all thank you very much!