Genealogy Club End-of-Year Potluck Party

Pat Sand

The Ropin’ In Yer Relatives Genealogy Club held their end-of-year party on March 21. Kristin Zanas hosted the potluck at her home on Winslow Way. Everyone was asked to bring a dish that represented their home state. Kristin served salmon, recognizing her hometown state of Washington.

Attendees were also asked to bring an ancestor’s photo and share a story about that ancestor. Participants with photos included Dan Wheeler, Norm Cutchall, Tammy Thompson, Mary Beth Fisher, Cara Cameron, Karen Furu, Sharon and Richard Horton, Carolyn Wittman, Sandy Rasmussen, Arnold Dorman, Regina Crisman, Kristen Zanas, Peggy Morris, Paula Morris, Debra Dorman, Norm Johnson, Marty Bender, and Judy Gottsch. Everyone enjoyed the stories as they demonstrated the research that was completed to bring the ancestor’s story to life.

After a delicious meal, President Dan Wheeler called a meeting to order. Dan announced that all existing officers were reelected with the exception of Chris Pomplin, our treasurer. Chris had announced in January that she was relocating to North Carolina and stepping down. Michael Vodrazka graciously volunteered for the treasurer role and was elected unanimously. The other officers (re)elected are: Dan Wheeler, president; Pat Sand, director of education; Judy Gottsch, secretary; and Sandy Rasmussen, library manager. Sandra Ristow is president emeritus serving as our genealogy research mentor.

Dan drew names for raffle prizes, which consisted of a choice of four different genealogy research books. Winners were Marty Bender, Rich Horton, George Fisher, Norm Cutchall, and Marla Martin.

The Genealogy Club is at recess until mid-October when there will be a free workshop offered for those interested in finding their roots. Ropin’ In Yer Relatives meets the first and third Tuesday of every month from November through March. Meetings are at 6 p.m. in the Laredo Room. For more information, please reach out to Dan Wheeler at [email protected].