Gearing up for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s


Our government is realizing the need for funding to improve Alzheimer’s research of the disease and programs to assist families affected with Alzheimer’s. In Washington D.C., Congress has been convinced to quadruple appropriations for Alzheimer’s research at the National Institutes of Health in just five years. Congress has also passed laws to improve care and support for people affected by the disease and their caregivers. This has happened because of constituents like you speaking out, effective lobbying by the Alzheimer’s Association staff and increased activity by and membership in the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement, our advocacy arm.

Through the raising of voices from you and other Alzheimer’s supporters, together with the heartfelt stories about the impact dementia has had on so many families, we are making progress toward a world without Alzheimer’s.

Some states have passed The Long Term Care Trust Act to provide enough for their state workers to begin saving for their own long-term care. This Trust will help people with Alzheimer’s and other disabilities stay in their homes longer. Funds may be spent on a wide range of needed supports and services like compensating a family caregiver, respite and adult day care or building a wheelchair ramp.

You can help make these needs a reality by walking in or donating to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s here at Robson Ranch November 16! Mark your calendar today and start talking to family and friends. Together we can all make a difference!