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From the Robson Ranch Sunshine Committee

The Robson Ranch Sunshine Committee is a group of “Neighbors helping Neighbors.” For the past six years the Sunshine Committee has been helping our neighbors in times of post-hospitalization, illness and bereavement with meals, visits, phone calls, cards, transportation, errands and support.

Our committee has grown to 48 members supporting our growing community and has recently set up teams by RR Resident Units. Each leader has several team members that help support their team.

If you know of anyone who could use the assistance of the Sunshine Committee, please let one of the unit leaders know.

Your unit leaders and co-leaders are as follows:

Unit 3 – Cimarron co-leader: Jeri Srenaski 952-210-5518; co-leader: Susan Worner 836-7747

Unit 4 – Silverwind leader: Anne Terrill 876-5462; co-leader Mavis Nelson 876-9343

Unit 6 – Sycamore leader: Kathy Foran 541-225-7979; co-leader Joanne Heiman 709-8002

Unit 7 – Sundance leader: Mary Kim 316-0231; co-leader: Linda Sue Jensen 423-2629

Unit 19 – Fireside co-leader: Ruby Herman 561-346-9906; co-leader: Kay Andrews 480-251-1456

Unit 22 – Stonegate leader: Kathy Muhlbeier 509-521-1239; co-leader: Kathleen Marshall 510-3125

Unit 23 – Palomino leader: Carole Crain 414-4237; co-leader: Carolyn Burtch 836-7883

Unit 27/24 – Lantana/Aurora leader: Connie Koza 507-429-7936; co-leader: Donna Halkiadakis 836-1181