From the HOA office…

It is fairly safe to say that the Robson Ranch CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) and ALC (Architectural and Landscape Committee) Requirements and Guidelines will never make the NY Times Best Seller List. With all the excitement of moving into their new place, many homeowners are more likely to put them aside for reading later. Why are they so important? They exist to preserve and protect Ed Robson’s vision for the esthetic beauty and popularity of his communities and are one of the main reasons residents choose to purchase a home in a Robson community.

Welcome to the first in a new series of articles designed to highlight frequently overlooked CC&R (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) and ALC (Architectural and Landscape Committee) items that may be helpful to new and long-time residents. For details on any subject, please always reference the official documents.

With the snowbird migration back to Robson Ranch commencing in October and the desire to shop local markets for new exterior house décor increases, the topic “yard and wall art” seems a fun and appropriate place to begin our series.

Let’s start with the question, what is yard/wall art according to the ALC guidelines? Yard art is any object placed in/on the lot as a decorative accent in an area visible from neighboring property. Wall art is any object attached to the exterior walls of a house or the surrounding walls of a dwelling that is visible from neighboring property. Wall art should be in proportion to the wall area (not compromising more than 20% of the wall area upon which it is placed) and cannot project beyond any portion of the wall.

That’s easy enough. But before spending money on beautiful outdoor decor only to discover after the fact that it isn’t ALC acceptable, let’s review the process and narrow our choices a bit further.

Does the installation of yard or wall art require ALC approval? Yes it does. The requirements and guidelines as well as forms for the approval process are available on the HOA website ( under the “documents” tab at the left or at the main reception desk at the Ranch House. ALC approval ensures your selections will not be questioned once installed, unless they are not maintained over time.

When shopping, what types of wall or yard art can be considered? The ALC requirements and guidelines detail limiting clutter in both size and scope of objects, with an eye to proportion within the lot space and on walls. All yard and wall art must be Sonoran Desert themed to include items which are complementary to classic and traditional Western art. Modernistic, impressionistic or contemporary interpretations of Sonoran Desert art are not considered complementary. Colors must blend with the house, rock and community. A limited selection of examples of conforming and non-conforming Sonoran Desert art motifs are detailed in Appendix J of the ALC Requirements and Guidelines.

In brief, to guarantee a pleasurable experience when beautifying your yard with yard and/or wall art, take a few minutes to read through the guidelines first before shopping and always submit an ALC approval form.