From the HOA office

This month’s topic actually covers two different subjects. With first-half annual HOA and Villa dues just around the corner (due January 1, 2016), a quick refresher on how to pay seemed appropriate. Holiday decorations and lighting also appeared applicable, given that Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is nearly upon us.

HOA/Villa dues payments refresher

Per the CC&Rs “the failure of the Association to send a bill to a Member shall not relieve the Member of liability for any Assessment or charge.” Payments are due in full on January 1 and July 1.

HOA and Villa payments are separate and must be paid separately. Villa owners should not combine their payments.

There are now four options for payment of HOA and Villa first half Homeowner assessments: mail, online (electronic) banking, credit card or e-check.

Links to the new e-check or credit card payment options are on the HOA Home Page at

Depending on which method is used for payment, the following information may be helpful.

Bank account number and routing number

Unit account number: Homeowner account number (one to six digits long) Note this number is different from your monthly food and beverage statement account number. Please call the HOA office at 520-426-3345 if you do not know your Homeowner account number and/or Carefree Villas account number

Management Company ID: 6923

Association ID for RRCG Homes: 811

Association ID for Carefree Villas: 813

New Lockbox address for payments: Robson Ranch Casa Grande HOA, P.O. Box 94134, Las Vegas, Nevada 89193-4134

Toll free Alliance Bank Helpline: 1-888-734-4567 for technical issues or assistance at any time.

Seasonal holiday lighting and decorations

Are you ready to light up the night and your home with seasonal lights or decorations? Our clear, dark night skies serve as a perfect backdrop for Robson Ranch homeowners to accent the exterior of their homes for the holidays. Per the Architectural and Landscaping Requirements and Guidelines, (21 Lighting, Exterior, Item F, Page 23), “winter seasonal holiday lighting and/or decorations that are Visible from Neighboring Property may be displayed commencing November 15 and must be taken down by January 15. All other seasonal lighting and/or decorations that are Visible from Neighboring Property may be displayed thirty (30) days prior to and one week after the applicable holiday.”

Enjoy the holidays!