Friendship Center Welcomes New Council Members

Pat Sand

Friendship Center, a Christian church at Robson Ranch, recently elected a new church council. Below are the council members focusing on the congregation’s needs and growth.

John Golden, President

John and Sue Golden moved from Denver in 2018. John had careers as a CPA and as a chief financial officer. They sought a church that wasn’t too formal, too big, and had a friendly, welcoming pastor. All those boxes were checked at Friendship Center. John is focused on congregation growth of Robson residents as well as others from nearby towns, adding to the diversity of the congregation. In 2020, John led the effort to incorporate Friendship Center and qualify it as a church under the IRS guidelines. Having worked for many companies, John feels he brings that expertise to his role as president.

Dave Anderson, Vice President

After retiring, Dave and Caroline Anderson spent four winters in Palm Creek Resort. In 2008, they bought at Robson Ranch. Having previously heard Pastor Ron preach in Arizona City, the Andersons were inspired to join the Friendship Center. Knowing Lisa Hunt would create the music program was a bonus as was the convenience of a neighborhood service. Dave is vice president and looks forward to helping grow the church. His communication skills and prior experience with stewardship and evangelism make him a good fit for his role.

Nancy Glass, Treasurer

Nancy moved from Iowa to Arizona in 2010. For 7.5 years, she lived in north Phoenix before moving to Robson Ranch 2.5 years ago. Nancy was one of the original nine members that helped start the Friendship Center. In her role as treasurer, Nancy keeps accurate giving statements and reports the church finances. Nancy’s goal is to do the best she can for the congregation.

Jan Bennett, Secretary

Moving from St. Louis, Jan Bennett has lived at Robson for 4.5 years. Pastor Ron was the main reason she was drawn to Friendship Center. The church is so welcoming, friendly, and provides a very spiritual place to worship. Jan is the Church Council Secretary. In her role, Jan hopes she can bring her prior Church Council experiences to help grow Friendship Center.

Pat Sand, Special Projects

Four years ago, Pat and her husband, Joe, moved from Chicago. They attended a Lutheran church in Illinois and wanted to find a neighborhood church family. When they discovered Pastor Ron was forming a church at Robson and the service would follow a similar format to what they experienced in Illinois, they became members. Last year, Pat served as the Council Secretary when it was suggested she switch to Director Special Projects focusing on growing the congregation. With a career in sales and customer care, Pat wants to leverage her networking skills to demonstrate to others what an awesome church Friendship Center is.

Friendship Center services are held on Sundays on the Hermosa Patio and simultaneously on Zoom. The church has a group on NextDoor and a website at