Friendship Center Provides Spiritual Family

The atmosphere at Friendship Center is nurtured by its charismatic leader Pastor Ron Hunt. His love for the Lord and desire to share the many insights he gained in his formal training as an ordained pastor, plus his many years of leading church worship in other situations, is an obvious light to those who worship at Friendship Center.

As a community-based church at Robson Ranch, Friendship Center has a wide range of appeal starting with worship services on Sundays in the Laredo room at 9 a.m. and on Zoom for those who choose to worship from home. The July 3 and Aug. 17 worship services will be in the Laredo Room. All other summer months’ services are conducted on Zoom by Pastor Ron. Following the Sunday service, Pastor Ron leads an in-depth exploration of scripture.

Friendship Center is a caring, giving group of individuals and couples who find ways to give back to local and worldwide charities. Local groups like Seeds of Hope, Against Abuse, St. Vincent De Paul, Eloy Food Bank, and the Casa Grande Food Pantry have all received donations from Friendship Center. Internationally the church has provided funds for Catholic Relief Services, Lutheran World Relief, and United Methodist Committee on Relief. International charities are chosen on the basis of ratings by Charity Watch and Charity Navigator with the highest rated charities receiving donations from Friendship Center.

A church family, like a real family, should provide an atmosphere of love and caring for its members. This is true at our church and can be seen in a variety of ways. There is an aura of welcomeness when you enter the room that extends from all who attend as well as those who lead service. Invitations to share meals, particularly on holidays, is another way one feels the love of family. The charities mentioned earlier are another source for members to feel connected to a larger group who care enough to want to help others.

For many, choosing a church is often based on what they hear in the sermon. Pastor Ron has a well-founded Bible-based preaching style that puts the love of God, the teachings of Jesus, and the presence of the Holy Spirit as the foundation for each sermon. Additionally, the writings of the apostles and the interpretation of scripture by revered scholars adds significant meaning and credibility to his message every Sunday. Pastor Ron also likes to use a little humor as well as revealing information about his personal and professional life to make certain points about how God works in our lives.

All who attend Friendship Center are blessed to be sisters and brothers in Christ and to be part of a family that loves and cares for each other. We welcome you to join our family.